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The state of the climate in 2016

AS UN climate talks in Marrakesh enter their final few days, leaders have a lot on their minds. Political support for a green agenda will wane in America next year. Barack Obama has led international environmental-protection efforts; Donald Trump plans to oppose them. The switch comes just as a new report from the World Meteorological Organisation, a UN body, confirms that this year is virtually certain to be the hottest ever recorded—stealing the title from 2015. This will mean that 16 of the 17 most sweltering years ever tracked have occurred since the millennium.

Global temperatures this year are about 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial ones—dangerously close to the warming limit of 1.5C that politicians hope to achieve, as agreed during last year’s round of talks in Paris. Particular hot spots include Arctic regions, which are heating up at twice the rate of the…Continue reading

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